In my youth i start at the age of 19 it was an exciting day feeling great and thinking always to a crush and i cant feel to sleep but always to think it. Is like fiery feeling its a dangerous feeling .And until now at age of my 33  i still not marriage yet and i wanted to get married i dnt know how long i wait.
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As far as I can remember my first relationship, it was an awesome experience. At first I was shy to approach her. But after learning from my old friends how they used to gain couriage and approach a girl I also gained the same courage after sporting a very fine branded girl when I was 17. What I told her is history. Don't ask me what was that but the answer she gave was a yes. That answer made me go crazy. I couldn't believe that I was also in a relationship. I couldn't sleep cause I was just thinking of my new catch. The experience got better and better as days moved. And to know what happened there after don't miss to read episode two. But I first fall in love when I was 17.
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Relationship is a process,its not something you wake up in the morning and say that you need someone in your life.A good age to involve yourself in relationship is at least 18 but in case you're not ready the wait till that age when you'll be ready.But then don't wait for too long till you're 28 without giving any trial.You might wait for long and you end up losing someone in your life.

They always say, to get your Prince charming ,you must kiss 1000 frogs. So,don't be afraid to give a try.
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I think it depends on the kind of relationship you want, if you are planning to settle down for something serious I most tell you are already late. 

For me I think 29-30 years of age is right for someone to get serious and settle for the best, it also a good time to start a family cause by the time you are 50yrs your will be about 20yrs,so can have a lot of years to enjoy your retirement.


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I had my first real relationship at age 21. Yeah 21. As a teenager, I had many crushes but I was too scared to go beyond because where I come from. It is perceived to be very wrong and a sign of bad influence. 

That Idea kind of got stuck to me that I became so comfortable by myself until my final year at college. 

It was a very nice experience for me and I was able to handle it very maturely. Somehow I am glad I waited that long.
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my first relationship is when i was 17 im not serious on my first relationship it was only 2 weeks then after a month i have a new bf and i like him so much but i cannot say that he was my first love because we broke up after 2 months because he is too clingy and my family is against on our relationship. and then after after a few months and i am 18 years old i met a new one and finally i can say i found the one coz since 2008 until now we're together.
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I met my first love at the age of 17 and dated him for two years. I thought it would be forever but he eventually went off with someone else and left me devastated. I thought my life was over but I got over him and went on to meet other more suitable people. I always think that when one door closes another one opens. Much later on I bumped into him and discovered he had married the girl he left me for but it didn't last long. I looked at him and wondered what I had ever seen in him.

When I reached 30 I met the father of my children and was blissfully happy for a while. It didn't last but I don't regret my time with him. I met the person I am with now 16 years ago and have been with him ever since. One thing I can tell you is it's better to be on your own than with the wrong person so be patient as I'm sure your true love is just around the corner.
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My first relationship was when I was seventeen in my senior high school. I was still so innocent, I miss those days. This guy was studying near my school and was new in my village. I met him while I was helping my mother to sell her shop. He came and bought something and I saw him, he looked handsome and fun loving. I was startled by his looka that I did not realise that I had given him extra change. He came back later returning the change and his integrity attracted me to him more. 

We talked a lot and that is how I knew he was from a boy school near my school. Our relationship was based on friendship and even if we ended up dating and breaking up, we are still friend up to today. I think that is the best relationship I have ever had. 

I think as long as one is old enough to know the consequences of relationships like unplanned pregnancies and transmittable diseases then they are ready to be in a relationship. They should be careful not to go the wrong path. As of marriage, one should be careful to choose a life partner. This is the decision that can either make you regret or be happy all your love life. Neither the age to get married nor the age difference between lovers matter, what matters is the level of maturity and true love between a man and a woman. 
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If you want the right partner for marriage you should start to know each other very early in your young days. This will enable you to know very well how you should relate and what makes him or her happy. This will enable you two to have a strong bond between each other and don't hide any secrets between the two of you during your relationships before you ask for a hand in marriage.
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I have to be honest I am too old for a relationship. I never had any relationship at all. I guess if you are ready for a relationship and you are 19 and above years of age, you can have one. You need to balance your time about that things you want to achieve and your relationship. When I was young, I plan to have to try it once I graduated and established something on my first job. I want to be earning money first. I didn't fall for my suitors way back then because they are not my type. I think of the as a friend that is why I never tried. After 5 years, I am open to it, but the people I want to be with are with someone else. I don't want to be the other woman in the relationship so I didn't tried. Now i am too old. I guess maturity comes with relationship and age as well.
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