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In my youth i start at the age of 19 it was an exciting day feeling great and thinking always to a crush and i cant feel to sleep but always to think it. Is like fiery feeling its a dangerous feeling .And until now at age of my 33  i still not marriage yet and i wanted to get married i dnt know how long i wait.

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As far as I can remember my first relationship, it was an awesome experience. At first I was shy to approach her. But after learning from my old friends how they used to gain couriage and approach a girl I also gained the same courage after sporting a very fine branded girl when I was 17. What I told her is history. Don't ask me what was that but the answer she gave was a yes. That answer made me go crazy. I couldn't believe that I was also in a relationship. I couldn't sleep cause I was just thinking of my new catch. The experience got better and better as days moved. And to know what happened there after don't miss to read episode two. But I first fall in love when I was 17.
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Relationship is a process,its not something you wake up in the morning and say that you need someone in your life.A good age to involve yourself in relationship is at least 18 but in case you're not ready the wait till that age when you'll be ready.But then don't wait for too long till you're 28 without giving any trial.You might wait for long and you end up losing someone in your life.

They always say, to get your Prince charming ,you must kiss 1000 frogs. So,don't be afraid to give a try.
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I think it depends on the kind of relationship you want, if you are planning to settle down for something serious I most tell you are already late. 

For me I think 29-30 years of age is right for someone to get serious and settle for the best, it also a good time to start a family cause by the time you are 50yrs your will be about 20yrs,so can have a lot of years to enjoy your retirement.



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