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A friend who has a curly hair uses a spray conditioner to keep the curly hair smooth and shiny. Also, she do not comb her hair after bath. She let it dry with a towel but not squeezing her hair into it. 
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Basically, I take care of curly hair with the use conditioner. And immediately after taking my bath apply hair cream, and brush it thoroughly.
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It's really hard to take care of curly hair, so once in a while I do hot oil and straighten my hair using a straightener. I don't want to use chemical sooner and I escape from doing it long time ago. My hair is just recovering from chemical products because they ruined my hair instead of making it look beautiful.
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One of my friend who have curly hair always spends most of his weekend in the salon in order to make up his long hair. 

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I once had curly hair and what i used to do was apply some little curl jelly every morning and it could remain that way till evening. What I'll advise ,when applying bthe jelly,use it in small amount because if you apply too much it may end up collecting dust particles and make the hair dirty.

The only problem I had when I was going to sleep.I couldn't get something convenient to wrap my head then and most of the times I'll opt to sleep without covering it.
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that's seems worthy tip, i'm deciding to use this one with wrap my head properly.
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I used to have curly hair, and sometimes dealing with the curls can be quite lenghty...but thankfully today there are more products created especially for those with curly hair.

If you have natural curls use a shampoo that is good for curls (moisturizing is a must!)....then add some conditioner...preferrably spray/leave on from Aussie.

I love the line of products from Aussie, even some of them being targeted for all sorts of hair. They tame the frizz and make the curls look so much nicer.
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I find out with curly hair it is horrible to brush my hair. I end up using a pick on my hair to get the knots out and make the curls look good. After shampooing and conditioning my hair I use my hands to fluff up my hair. Afterwards, I use one the long teeth perm pick in my hair to make it look good. You can always bunch up your hair when it is drying to make the curls look really nice. If I want my hair straight, I need to use a hair straightening gel and a blow dryer. I don't normally do this often because it makes my hair feel dry. I also don't like it when my hair is damaged and frizzy so I basically stick with a pick and a good shampoo and conditioner. it is best to leave it natural, it looks so much better.
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 I can understand it is not easy to manage curly hair, don't go for straightening methods, usually using them create problems, damage your hair, concentrate on natural methods of hair packs like applying smooth  mixture of banana.

Never ever use straightners, before combing your hair just use your fingers to detangle the hair strands . Just go for natural methods and make your curly hair better looking.

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