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Destination has never been a problem to me for there are a lot of places to explore here in our country. To be able to make things happen, careful planning is indeed necessary. Typically, when I only have limited time to spend, I usually just opt for overnight trips rather than those that would require me to book plane tickets. The next thing I do is to draft an itinerary because this will be the basis of almost all other things needed for a worthwhile vacation. I often read several blogs before I finalize my itinerary. Although, since things can still be unpredictable I make it a point to allot time allowances for each activity.

In terms of accommodation, again, this depends on the itinerary that I am going to make. But I do make sure to book in advance, as rates would be relatively cheaper.

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A good and enjoyable trip need not only planning but a good planning. You need to choose the destination of your trip according to your budget line. It is obviously if you are financially capable you can choose to visit the most expensive and luxurious  places on the other hand if you are facing budget constraints you will select a place that's affordable. Another thing is the purpose of the trip. If your intention is to see lions; you will be tied to visit specific places where lions are. If it's a business trip you'll want to pick places relevant to your business.
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Normally I classify my trip into two categories:

- planned trip

- unplanned trip

In a planned trip I know exactly the city which city I want to hit on. Hence I book my room, my transport as soon as possible. Sometimes I also look for some last minute deals from various websites. I make a list of places I want to go, mark the city on my scratch map (my favourite travel planner actually

I also ask somebody who have been there before to estimate my probable expenditure. In case I fail to find anybody I watch YouTube videos about the city and it somehow get sorted. 

In an unplanned trip, I choose the city according to the cheaapest transport available.Since I know I can find cheap hostels or apartments on Booking and then find chep flight/bus tickets. Everything is very simple!

I enjoy traveling a lot!

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I plan a trip when I need some fun and thrill in my life. For this, I make a plan as proper planning enhances the traveling experience by a number of times. You should also account for the following points :

1. Get your passport ready

2. Establish a budget

3. Pick a destination

4. Create a rough itinerary

5. Book your tickets

6. Consider travel insurance

Apart from this, I also go on various business tours and for that I keep my belonging in the best mens briefcases as they are known to provide durable and finest leather briefcases. 

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Planning is very important especially when it comes to finance. First you need to choose a place that you can afford to pay mostly if you're planning to go with someone.

After choosing the place,search that place in the search engines and know on how they charge per day and the kind of services they offer. For more information you can always email them.

Actually you can pay the place a previsit just to be familiar with the place.Then plan on means of getting there and back also.The most important thing is,ensure you that have extra cash in case of any emergency. Don't travel with fixed amount.
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A lot of my trips are planned around my work. I end up visiting places like China, Brazil, the Middle East, Greece to name a few countries when I need to go and teach. Once I arrive there and finish teaching, I always spend one to two weeks exploring and visiting the area. I basically take it one day at a time and decide on a new sight to see each day. This makes it a lot more fun and you can always change your mind and go to another place if you want. A lot of time I'll look online to see what would be fascinating to see and how hard would it be to get there. I like to take the local transportation. You can meet some really interesting people like this and it makes for a fantastic day filled with great memories. 
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For office goers, every working day they have to take trip, so they have to plan budget as per their trip. And as going to holiday/business, their is required to plan the budget.

During our last holiday, we planned the budget with both Economy and Luxury combined that we enjoyed our trip and even saved most of the expenditure we have had to spend. 

Best way is to Trip with friends and relatives, more ideas will continue to come while Trip. 
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how are you going to do that? first you need to have schedule fixed. as much as possible you need to request a vacation leave to your work and start saving money for your trip. once you are all set with the schedule you need to start searching for a place online and check the not too expensive place to stay. we all need a break. we dont leave to pay bills.

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