I'm an engineering student. I want to know what kind of platform should I choose to land a high paying job after graduation.
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They would probably require you to know some basic HTML & CSS programming language (which you could literally learn in 10-15 days) if you commit yourself very much. Like 6-8 hours a day of learning. 

And also probably some of the social media skills like posting quality content and relevant info.

Maybe they would require you to know even javascript but that's a big maybe of course.

Hope this answers your question.
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They demand a very basic knowledge of programming language with more innovative thinking. The IT companies now a days have shifted their interest towards students with innovative thinking.
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The basic IT skills needed by Tech companies like Amazon includes excel, MS Word, Power Point, if you are an accountant you need to have experience with accounting software like quickbooks, open system accounting. Note also that such companies like professionals with experience. 
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