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Uncertified free Online courses may also enhance your knowledge equally as paid certified online courses. But, certified online courses are beneficial if you are going to get a job in the field of course. That certificate will act as a proof that you have completed a course more seriously because you have paid fee for the course. Therefore, its better to go for certified online courses.
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Paid classes with certification so that you can go right into the next classes or job that requires you to certified,certification also can make a difference in your pay amount or classifications
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Learning is one of the best investment which is an asset. Both the learnings have it's own pros and cons. First let's see the free online courses, it's always good to start from the free courses to see whether the subject actually creates interest. If you able to see the course is useful and the content is fulfilling all your doubts in the subject then you can learn from the free online course. If not search the paid online courses with rich content which matches your requirements. Usually the free courses dont award certificates for your learnings, certificates are essential to back your learnings in the job market.In paid courses you have to invest money, if you are not able to dedicate your attention and time in the learning process then dont go with paid course. Paid courses are usually comes with subscriptions, which cost high. Hence start with free course and understand your learning outcomes and if it is benefitting your future growth go with paid course and get your certification. In short choose the training method based on your interest towards doing the course, and future goals. Keep learning!
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In my point of view, compared to uncertified free online courses, paid courses is the best option.

Because paid courses provides certificates, it is value at any time.
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The answer depends on what you are actually looking forward to gain. If you want just basic detail about any topic or subject then free courses would work. As they won't cover the topics in-depth but would give you a decent knowledge on the topic. But if you are looking forward to up-skill and pursue a career in that specific field then mostly paid certification courses would be beneficial as you would get a lot of add ons with the course.As there a lot of online players in the market when it comes to paid learning it would be difficult to understand which one to choose and what key factors you need to focus while choosing these Online platforms. So to makes things easy for anyone who is looking forward to choose a paid course I am mentioning some key points below to keep in mind while checking out various online players.

Points to be considered while choosing a paid certificate program 

  • The certificate should be provided from a valid, top-ranked Institute(Quality and Ranking of the Institute matters)
  • Mentorship learning should be given high importance
  • Do check for reviews of the online course provider
  • Look out for courses with high Return on Investment (Specifically Placement assistance)
  • Course modules with specific details and content on the topic
  • Faculty who is supposed to teach the content((Profile and Qualification)
  • Alumni stories and their feedback is really important

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Both uncertified online free courses and paid certified courses are useful to gain a knowledge. But If you want to get a job in that field, you need certificate. By using certificate, we can earn from online also. So paid certificate courses beneficial.
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