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Can I have multiple credit cards at a time? If so how many cards can I have? Also how much credit card debt is ok? How credit card limits are calculated? Is there a different interest rate for different cards and their maximum number limits?
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According to me one is enough. But I have seen people having more than one too.
You can have as much as you want provided they are from different banks. I've seen folks with up to eight cards. 
One is enough not unless you are able to pay back if you have more than one.

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You can have as many credit cards as you wish but only one will be issued by a bank. And about the limits, the card issued may have a transaction limit. After that your credit card won't work. Interests are calculated with respect to the type of account and interest you are getting from your same bank account. Of course there are many types of accounts and credit cards in each and every bank which may result in different transaction limits and different interest rates to various cards issued by the bank.
You may like to have many credit cards. But for what purpose?
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I do believe the most of the credit card company will not say how big the interest would be but will just market the credit card for everyone to use. There is a benefits or advantages to use it because you can just swipe it and you have instant cash to use when you buy, travel or eat out. But the hidden charges and some invisible charges, those who they failed to explain to you, that you will pay without your knowing. If you are paying in minimum expect your debt in credit card will grow like mushroom in no time. I just hope you get 2 credit cards and nothing else. Before getting it, ask the one that introduce you to getting a credit card of what will happen if you pay your debt in minimum. For sure they will not say the truth but fool you with alibis. I know how it feels, because I have been to 5 credit cards before and I became a defaulter for not paying one. I already paid all my debts with my credit card and it was traumatic. I want you to learn from my experience. 
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This question almost sounds like the start of a financial disaster that won't end well at all. I know in some countries having your first credit card is very important to try and establish credit. Credit is a major problem when it comes to buying a new car or even a home. If you'd like to finance an item that is too expensive to buy straight out and it is hard to save the money needed to purchase this item. Here are some suggestions for you and how you might want to go about all this.

  1. Before applying for your first credit card make a budget and see how much money you can afford each month in credit expenses.
  2. If you get a credit card it is best to start off with one. Normally the first credit card is rather expensive and the interest rate on them is extremely high.
  3. Only use the credit card in an extreme emergency. Make sure that what you buy will fit into your budget each month so that you can meet the credit card payments.
  4. Keep in mind that what you pay down on the credit card won't all be applied to your principal balance. Most of the payment will go to the credit card company as interest for loaning you this money. 
  5. A good way to establish credit and receive your first credit card is through an electronic store. Apply for a credit card through such a store and buy one item. Finish to pay this item off completely before buying anything else.
  6. I would limit yourself to two credit cards because if you don't you'll end up with more credit card debt than you can pay off each month which will destroy your credit.
  7. I wouldn't charge more on the credit card than you can afford to pay off in a 3 month period. This way you won't have such high-interest charges.
  8. The credit limit on each credit card will depend on your credit history. If you are a first-time credit card holder many companies will only give you a $500 limit. Over time if you prove to be a good customer the limit will be raised and you'll have a higher credit card limit on your card. Just keep in mind the interest rates will never be lowered so you'll be paying the same amount of interest as you did when you first received the credit card.
  9. A good way to solve the interest rates is by establishing credit with one company and once you've proven yourself with them you can apply for a credit card with lower interest rates. Afterward, stop using the other credit card. The higher your credit score the easier it will be to apply for a new credit card with lower interest rates. 

Good Luck on this one. I saw what credit cards did to my parents and how it destroyed them financially. I always limited myself to only 1 major credit card and one or two store credit cards for buying items to repair my home with. 
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Well, when it comes to applying for credit cards and how much cards one can have being issued to him or her, it's very possible that an individual can have as many credit cards as possible as long the individual has the ability to maintain all the credit cards and pay all the credit cards debts accumulated by using all the credit cards. The most important thing that is critically examined before any financial institution issues any individual any credit card is the individual's ability to pay the credit card debt, that is being credit worthy. If someone is up and doing, meaning that he or she can be very much able to pay his or her credit card debt, the financial institution can issue the individual any number of credit cards desired because it's their gain.
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Ideally 2 credit cards are adequate. Credit card debt should be maintained less than 40percent maximum at any point of time to build good credit history. Credit limit decided by lenders based on individual work profile,  company background, already in loans being paid,  credit history check on repayment capacity and ability. Interest rate differs as per cards and as per above parameters while issuing card. 
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