I am struggling to find well-paid part-time online teaching work. 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Most big companies like DaDa, 51Talk etc aren't hiring at the moment.

I am a native English speaker from South Africa.
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Google is the best option to search anything. Also, you can search the options over there and sort them out as per your requirement. The one which suits you better, go with that.
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i recommend you these all websites

    try to email them about vacancies check career option in their websites
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Yes. There are lot of opportunities available in online for teachers. By using that you can earn decent amount of money every month. Just Google it. You will many answers. Choose the job that suits you and apply for it.
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The 11 best online teaching jobs in 2021.

1. GoGokid

2. DaDa

3. i tutor Group

4. Qkids

5. Vpkids

6. Skooli

7. Magic ears

8. BlaBla EdTech

9. Whales English

10. Preppy

11. Stewart.
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Thanks for this list. We'll try to apply in those sites and hopefully to get a job. :)

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Bing ABC

GoGo Kids

VIP Kids



Lingo Turtle



Itutor Group

Are one of the best from my experience. 
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I've read about the website called Dada and according to critics that the pay is good and you can search for a different kind of subject to teach your student, if that doesn't it you then try looking for a job at Upwork but you will have an unstable client
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