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I have already brought up my boyfriend to my parents. They know him and they don’t have a problem with him. I just need help bringing him up to them to see if they approve of him because they won’t bring it up to me. 

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Hi! This phase can be quite a challenge in the life of any person in the world.

Just make sure you are not rude or anything to your parents. Just explain to them there is someone special to you-you would like them to meet. When they meet the person you say the person would like to date you.

Perhaps presenting a "friend" is better than a "boyfriend" firsthand.

It is important to consider their opinion as well, after all, parents have a lot of experience and can tell whether or not that person seems good to you. Of course, your opinion matters most, but it is always good to get a second opinion.
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I think I would try and ask my mom or dad if they wouldn't mind if you invited your boyfriend over for dinner one night. I know this might be difficult but you could start off like this: Remember I was telling you about "Robert" the boy I really like and have been spending some time with recently. Wait for their answer. Then talk a bit about him and tell your parents how nice he is. Listen to what they say. Now tell them that you feel bad about seeing him and they have never met him before. You were wondering if you could ask him over for dinner this weekend. This way they could meet each other and you wouldn't feel so bad about talking with him and seeing him. This should work fine. Just make it look like you feel a bit guilty that they have never met him and you'd like them to meet him because you are seeing in and doing a few things with him now and them.
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I think you should talk to your mom about it in private first. If she approves then your dad will definitely approve and if not your mom will definitely convince him. In this kind of a situation, women are always the real deal.

This isn't an easy task, confronting your parents and telling them that that's your boyfriend won't sound pleasing. That's like telling that that that's the person (husband) you'll need to spend the rest of your life with more of (marriage).
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This should be easy if you're in a very good rapport with your parents but if you can't discuss with the two at a go then you can take it up with only your mum I think she can help you relate it better to your dad.

Since they have seen him before and they wasn't any eyebrow raise or any objection of some sort from them then I don't think they will be any problem if you decide to formally present him to them.

I will advise you go ahead with it,even if they should come up with any query you should be able to address it and make them see reasons with you.No need prolonging what you might still bring up later.So act now.
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As much as when you introduced him they didn't say anything negative about it.I guess they should be okay with him, but why you are worried is the major issue right now. I suspect, you are worried because you know the kind of parents you're dealing withore better than any one.
However, every problem known is theoretically half solved; since you're old enough to bring a man home for marriage or serious relationship which I trust is a major factor in every tradition without exclusion of your culture. I advice you to be bold to speak up to your parents as much as your intentions are pure and your relationship with the guy have prospect.

Don't forget that your parents have major roles to play in giving you out for marriage, it is better you sit them both down and speak heart to heart like a child and detail them about your desires and ask them to guide you. Surely, they will talk . I wish you the best!

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