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1.- covers a wider range 

2.- you get a defined target 

3.- easy and fast communication 

4.- you don´t need a physical stock

5.- reduces costs

6.- you can provide support 

7.-money goes direct to your account

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Social media is important because of these:

  1. Connection  & community
  2. Authentic Influencers
  3. Re imagine Social Analytics
  4. Better communication with the users
  5. Brand Recognition
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In today's environment, running a website or blog for a full and effective introduction of business into the online space is not enough. Promoting business in social media also plays an important role.
1. Working with user-generated content By properly launching various contests, giveaways and challenges, you can encourage followers to create completely free advertising content on their own. For example, think of named cans of Coca-Cola, the contest of decorated cups Starbucks or the one from The London Mum blog. Users were happy to blast social networks with photos of the brand, taking part in organised activities of companies and blogs.
2. Search issue Active management of groups in social media affects the company's position in search results. And the wider the presence in different social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest), the more likely it is that the user requesting help from Google will get to you.
3. Total user reach Don't forget that your potential customers also use social media. In the 21st century, you can find many examples of how the company found a large number of customers using only social networks.

But it's up to every business owner and blogger. Some of them just don't have time for social media account and focus on their blog content but for business it's crucial to have social media accounts.
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Social media plays vital role nowadays. We promote our business we can social medias. So it will reach many people. It is free and easy way to reach more people.
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Social Media is important for the Businesses in the 2020 as we see the situation of the World is not fine.Economy of the World is empty.Businesses from the Social Media will be beneficial for our growth.That should be cared.
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Well, it's really depends on business. If your target audience is not using social media, then it's better to use professional one LinkedIn. In my opinion LinkedIn is the best place for any kind of business. There you can find people who work with and also promote your business in the niche related groups.
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Social media is important for business in this way 

1. It made the communication easy and and faster 

2. It is useful for online marketing which is eh commerce 

3. It make it easy to earn
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 social media is important for businesses in 2020 because of the following reasons below-

1.Social  media has enable businesses to communicate to their customers easily. media has made it possible for businesses to market and promo I their  products and services  worldwide. meditation has  enable top management ofbusinesses to have a good communication relationships with their employees.
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