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It looks like a tandem. It should look like you are into a habit that after drinking a liquor you are smoking and once you stop smoking you will drink agan. That is what I observe with some people. 
I think this is just a matter of preference. Some people do smoke more or less whether or not they are drinking. However, based on experience, smoking while drinking tends to be more soothing that just smoking alone.
May be that one spoiling thing (liquor) for their body may not be enough!
They think that mixing both increases the highness that they want. 

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I've also wondered this too. So one time I asked my friend who normally doesn't smoke unless she is drinking and then she smokes a lot. She says that the alcohol makes her feel light headed and smoking a cigarette while drinking makes her feel good. She claims it adds to the effects from the alcohol and seems to go well together. Also when she drinks she claims that she craves a cigarette and needs this to make her feel complete.

I do believe this is the same with many people because I know a lot of people who never smoke unless they are drinking. I think the nicotine in the cigarette adds to the high or feeling a person gets when they drink. For some reason, they crave this when drinking and it is just a chemical reaction in the body that mixes with the alcohol that makes a person want a cigarette. 
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Many people drink and smoke due to anxiety...so drinking and smoking together probably makes the person feel more relaxed...maybe they are trying to get their minds away from a certain thought or issue so smoking and drinking is a divertion ...that happen to be very bad for the body, mAy I add.

Dealing with addictions may be complicated , especially when one is used to doing both.
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I think its because they want to get high faster. I once experimented on myself and found out that smoking makes a person get high fast than drinking liquor.

Besides,people smoke and drink at the same time to get the pleasure.That feeling of being high makes many enjoy drinking but unfortunately leads to addiction.

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