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I think the simple answer is us humans.  

The virus does not spread, we spread it by engaging, going out, being reckless. Let's be careful and stay at home stay safe. 

Thank you 

~Berryblue ~
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I think the Corona virus is spreading out from a human body to another human body. But this virus can survive on any surface for some hours also.
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The real cause is by spreading of the killer virus by not doing the health protocols imposed on people. In fact, we need to punish the real culprit.
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The same as with the flu, pneumonia, mumps, measles, etc., as COVID is just a Wuhan-weaponized mutation of influenza. Droplets in the air from sneezing/coughing (that enter via nose and mouth) are the major cause. This is not to discount the mass hysteria spread by Fauci, CDC, WHO, and our politicians, through the deluge of propaganda and disinformation from TASS West (MSM), along with the censorship of information by Silicon Valley.
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