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Depends on the terrain, but the average speed a human walks is arout 5Klm/H or 3mph.

But it will depend on pace, terrain, condition of the person and loads of other factors.
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A normal person can travel the 5 Kilometers by walking.It depends on the capacity of the person.An Athlete can walk up to the 15 Kilometers by walking.It depends on the situation as well.
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A person can travel five up to fifteen kilometers per hour. Traveling through leg is very important for our health because when we travel we will loss body weights.
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It depends on factors such as walking speed, the strides a person makes, the health condition of a person, the condition /type of the road among other factors. 
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This concern varies from person to person. For the majority of people, a walking speed of three to four miles per hour is average. Some people usually measure their walks by how many steps in an hour.
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depend on the speed of a person the average speed of a person is 3-4 kilometre per hour so if yolk an hour at this speed then you will cover 3 to 4 kilometre in an hour
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An average middle age person can travel upto 4 to 5 km/h. But it may varies on ages,health,climate and leg issues. I can only walk upto 2 km per hour. 
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Walking speeds shift depending on age, and wellbeing of walkers. Be that as it may, an normal comfortable strolling speed is approximately 5 km per hour and 9km per hour can be accomplished by numerous individuals. This implies that in 30 minutes it ought to be conceivable to effortlessly walk 2.5km and in 2 hours it ought to be conceivable to walk 10km
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