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Gift her dream dress material, early come back to home,  if she is dominant, gift her lingerie, book movie tickets without knowing to her,  offer online food of her favourite.
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Do something nice for them. Cook dinner, clean the house, send them for a massage or a spa. Anything to give them a break from the things they do everyday!
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If you are adventurous enough, just try and pretend to forget it once! Jokes apart, you can have a surprise party at your place or take her out somewhere for a movie or a concert and enjoy a nice meal at some good restaurant...
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The best way to surprise your Partner on the 'Birthday' is to give him the 'Birthday party'.He will never expect this from you.You should fight with him,before the 'Birthday' and give him the surprise.
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Know what your partner likes. Pay attention to her desires. Take a note, and plan the surprise. Make it a normal, if possible involve people to help. If you are staying apart call the delivery people to delivery people to deliver cake, or a gift with a message attached to it.
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If you two love travelling, you can buy a ticket to a place she really wants to visit. If you want to give as plain gift, tidying her room, cooking for her is enough.  Or you can doing socuasl experiment, may be become a street singer and the money is given to charity in behalf of her.
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