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Be calm,  think what has made angry situation, think are you responsible for the situation, don't argue,  no manhandling,  listen carefully, analyse gradually and react positively and politely.
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Sometimes, silence is the best medicine to handle the situation. If you are silent, the other person may get sometime to understand you. Even mistakes is not yours, be silent to handle the situation smoothly.

Smile is also great way to handle the situation.
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Make sure you don't talk back. Because talking back just stirs up more trouble but keeping quit makes the person feel guilty for being angry with you.
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At the end of the day if someone if angry with you it honestly wont matter if you take the right or wrong way to approach the situation or event it may be caused over or the individual itself in that fact, if the person is angry there's no point stoking the fire any more than what it already is.

Simply depends on the personality of the person involved and how they retaliate towards you actions in relations towards the anger. some people like to be left alone too cool down, others might like to be hugged and comforted. you will know how to make the right approach if you have sincerity and good intentions aimed towards the angry one.

best way to make yourself feel more at ease in the meantime would be to take into consideration that this individual may have their own build up of personal issues at that present time and is expressing it towards you in a horrible way is actually a sign of them self venting. do not verbally or physically retaliate in anyway, just simply let them know that you are sorry if you had ever done anything to upset them in anyway and that you will always be there for them if they need to talk about anything. and allow some time for the fire to cool down.

After the anger has left and is not more present in the same environment as you, do not mention it to the person or ask questions as to why the outburst took place.. 

simply allow that person that was angry at the time to gain the courage themselves within to either apologize or open up and tell you the reasons behind all the promotion. This builds a strong trust and connection platform for everyone involved.  

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Anger heats things up. What you should do is to try to calm things down. You can explain what happened and ask for forgiveness, or leave the scene and send an apology message to the affected person.
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It is better to cool down the situation. You can walk away and give him or her time to think about what had happened. If both of you are ready, then it is about time to talk in a calm way. Sometimes we need to do this because it is not a good thing to clash again and again.
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Stay calm and thinking clearly. Meet them and respond wisely if they still angry with you as gradually ask time to explain anything if you feel in the right side or apologize if evidently you're doing wrong.
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