The government in Italy has closed almost everything, we are locked in the house waiting for this pandemic to pass. This is to protect us and others. What is the situation in your countries?
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I am from Philippines. Some of the cities here are slowly implementing lockdowns to stop the spread of the pandemic. In my city, we are in a community quarantine. No one is allowed to go out, especially the young people. There still people that has to go to work. There only few cases in my city, but there are about 80+ confirmed of COVID-19 all over the country. I hope this pandemic will end now. By the way, I saw videos from facebook about Italians singing from they're apartment's balconies. I think it's lovely. Stay strong, Italy!
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Here the situation is increasingly tragic and the restrictions are on the rise. There are fewer places in intensive care and there are many deaths. Everything closed until April 3 but will certainly extend. The peak in Naples has not yet arrived.
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Hello, I am from Jaipur city of Rajasthan, India. The coronavirus has reached to India as the patient count has crossed the figure of 100 in the country. The states have issued the advisory and guidelines as the precautions for the citizens. The most part of the advisory focuses on the prevention of people to form groups for gatherings, functions and events. The people are advised to stay away from the large gatherings, stay at their home until and unless its necessary to go out, use hand sanitizers, call emergency helpline if symptoms of cold and fever emerges and etc. The take on coronavirus is varying from government to government as the style of the rule is different in every nation. The India is the largest democracy in the world, therefore the government here is not forcing anyone to do anything but has issued guidelines and advisory to take it as precaution.
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The wonderful thing about this bad situation is to see the union of peoples, no more racism, no more bad things free. We are a single population ... that of the world and this should be forever.
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I am from India. In my country the lockdown was announced on March 25th and it has continued as 5 phases. Some relaxation are given by government for certain industries and I hope within a 1 or 2 month everything gets back to normal. 
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Now there is no lockdown, the virus spread has reduced and now all leading normal life. New normal has started. In between there are around 1000 new cases are also reporting. Now monkey  poke is reporting in our country.
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During the peak season of this pandemic, we also experienced being locked down. Our city mayor is so strict with this concern. For now, it seems like we are having a new normal life. How about there now?
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