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HI.I have not seen any proof yet here and i keep searching in other sites if any posted about answeree payment proof.But i only see somine write a blog about this is paying site and i dont know if any body got paid.I like also here cause it increase the amount per comment.Is 10cents usd is that true?cause i read also in other blog that it increase 10cents usd and 4cents per thanks and that all be good and ñice.
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You get 10 usd cents per question Answeree

4 usd cents per each like you receive from people on questions you have Answeree

You dont get anything (no cents) when you add commenta oe when you create questions.

Yes, it is hard to know whether or not this website really pays until we reach 30 usd dollars...we need to keep an eye on it and talk to someone that gets paid :)
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Yes this site is legitimate and will pay people to write answers to questions or like another answer. However, you won't be paid to ask a question here on the site. It is important to keep the questions and answers flowing on this site so everyone can earn money. If you answer questions it is a great idea to create a few of your own. This gives other members a chance to earn from your questions. One thing that is excellent about the site is the fact that if you see a question answered and you think your answer is better, then go ahead and answer this question. You'll earn from your answer. Furthermore, if people like your answer they can hit the like button next to your answer and you'll earn again from your answer. I like the site and I haven't been paid yet. I just join two weeks back and it is an easy site to work on and earn from it. I hope you'll join in and start asking and answering more questions on here. It can be a lot of fun and this can become a great community of people working on here.
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I think this is the right way to participate in this site. I think we must ask good quality questions so that other members can answer it. That will help others to earn as well as the development of this community. Quality of the question and answer is very important.   
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Actually we are all in a dilemma but I see some people are heading there already and the good thing is to keep an eye as @Sil has said.Payment proof is the most crucial thing when it comes to online working. We've invested lot's of our data and time In this site and soon will reap our profits and truly know this site.Have been scammed by three writing sites and we just can't assume this is a legitimate when no one has been paid yet.
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It is 10 usd per comment on answer but not on reply. It is lesser on reply. If you get selected or someone thanked your answer, then you get a point as well. Only answers that meet the 120 words receives 10usd and if you think your answer will be less than 120 words, then hit reply instead and earn 1 usd. On my forum sites, or the forum I am actively participating, 2 people already got paid. One from the member of the site and other is based on my observation about her points. I haven't seen a proof but all are based on the comments and observation. if where can we share our proof, I don't know too, I might search online for a payment proof but I have a trust on the site that they are paying. In the future I will make a question, and will insert a proof if i get paid so that everyone could see it.

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