The question related to personal hygiene or hand washing.
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Effective in what? The question seems incomplete. However I understand that the meaning of the question should be effective on bacteria and viruses. The alcohol is more effective as compared to the sanitizer provided that the alcohol content should be high. If diluted the effect will reduce. But the fact is the sanitizer is cheaper than the alcohol, therefore the sanitizer must be used as far as price is concerned.
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Hand sanitizer also contains the alcohol and also the aloe vera or other softeners. So you can use both or one of them. That would be good enough. I think making use of the one of the is necessary. I think alcohol is preferred because it is more effective and quick. 
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Alcohol based hand sanitisers are thought to be the most effective although anything is better than nothing. Regardless of this the best way to protect yourself from covid (or other) germs is soap and hot water. You should scrub your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds to make sure you are germ free both before leaving and returning to home.

We are not always in a position to wash our hands so in this case alcohol based sanitiser is the next best thing.
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I think you are referring to hand hygiene and especially with regard to this covid 19 with people urged to wash hands and sanitize at all times. Sanitizer is made with chemicals that have the ability to kill the germs including the virus and its alcohol bases. Alcohol on the other hand is not that effective 
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I used to prefer hand sanitizer. It was used by all the people in the world now. Due to corona virus all people are now using alcoholic sanitizer and mask.
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Alcohol based hand sanitizer may be a fire danger additionally and a poisoning hazard, particularly for little children who may be able to expend harmful amounts from bigger holders. Non-alcohol sanitisers are a reasonable elective to the omnipresent alcohol-based items. They are as compelling against microorganisms, but have the advantage of giving longer-lasting security on the skin, are kind to the skin and are more secure generally. They can moreover diminish the weight on supplies of liquor.
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