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Corona viruses are a group of viruses that are large in size when compared to the other viruses infecting the humans. 

So the masks like N95 masks are somewhat useful in preventing the entry of the organism through the mask. 

Although the size of the filter in the mask is 300 nm it is effective in preventing the entry of corona virus which had the diameter of 125 nm

The other reason being as the virus are larger, they tend to settle down to the bottom and are hardly present in the air and thus aerosol transmission is limited

Hope this helps.... 
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There is no such mask in the market with the name of Corona Virus mask. The most of the viruses have the size in between the few micrometers to nanometers. The viruses from the coronavirus group have the larger size as compared to other viruses. Therefore any pore size of the masks available in the market will act as a barrier to the coronavirus.
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Infected people must be isolated. That should happen everywhere. You can only control COVID-19 if you can remove the source of the infection. This is why we built module hospitals and transformed stadiums into hospitals.
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When you breathe in, the virus sticks to the outer side of the Mask and stays there instead of getting inside your nose. It works the same with all kinds of viruses so the mask is not produced specially for coronavirus. Stay safe, and always discard a mask after using it once.
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The corona mask controls saliva from an affected person from entering your mouth or nose. It also prevents your saliva and mucus from escaping to there face. Actually the virus spreads through fluids like saliva and mucus. We are not supposed to touch our faces either.
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