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I believe that the best camera for beginners is the Canon SX540 HS, because it has a fixed lens, excellent zoom range and is very nice and easy to use. I used it to take all holiday photos. Also it is not so expensive, it is about £250, but you can get it online second hand or refurbished for sometimes as low as £150. In my opinion this is best camera if you are just learning photography, but it will still be a good camera for you as you get more experienced.image

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I want to purchase a camera and I haven't any idea to about camera which camera is best for me for your opinion I have got an idea to purchase best camera thank you for your opinion
thank you I am glad that my answer could help you to select the good camera for you
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This, OLYMPUS PEN E-PL 10 looks fabulous and gorgeous! OLYMPUS brand has been a dedicated feature in my family. Its SLPR predecessors have produced brilliant photos in our thousands of photostream albums. OLYMPUS brings out the best in our photography for almost 3 decades now. Amazing!image

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I haven't any idea to purchase any camera and I don't know about the quality of any cameras then you share your opinion about camera then I know that towards which camera is good for me thank you for animals
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यह, OLYMPUS PEN E-PL 10 कमाल और भव्य लग रहा है! मेरे परिवार में OLYMPUS ब्रांड एक समर्पित विशेषता रही है। इसके SLPR पूर्ववर्तियों ने हमारे हजारों फोटोस्ट्रीम एल्बमों में आश्चर्यजनक तस्वीरों का उत्पादन किया।

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I want to purchase a camera but I know I haven't any idea to purchase a camera what is quality and what is the price of camera and you share your opinion in Hindi it's very useful for me thanks a lot
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