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What type of lizard is that ?

 Don't worry ! Nothing will happen just forget about that
Because a few type of lizard is dangerous
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Lizard is risk animal lizard blood is a poison and the blood must not torch human body or mix with human blood stay away from lizard it is risky
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Some lizards are poisonous and transmit venom when they bite people, so you need to know the specie of lizard that have bitten you. If it is a poisonous specie then you need to get the hospital quickly for treatment, normally the home remedy is to tie the area of the bite tightly to avoid the poison from spreading. 
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It is best to consult a doctor if being bitten by it. It will be dangerous if they are poisonous. It is rare to be fatal for humans.
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It is the right thing to do. To a certain the type of medical assistance to be administered.
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Some lizard are not so harmful, these kind of lizard would make you get a little pain to abraded which's the worst possibility. But some others has poison or their body or saliva has been infected by disease that will be harmful to touch. Small home lizard and gecko are harmful when they are infected by salmonella. If you get baid by them, wash your skin immediately. 
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Mostly lizards are not harmful but when it happens, keep calm, cover the part bitten, and seek medical attention for further medical assistance. 
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Though lizards are harmless to humans. However, there are certain groups of lizards that can kill a man, or at least make them ill, or just inflict them with mild pain. Some lizards are in fact venomous, and some are quite aggressive.
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If a lizard bites, the wound should be cleaned properly and irrigated with antiseptic solution. 

There is no specific treatment for lizard bites. 

However, most lizards are not very dangerous. So no need to worry. 
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