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As the name of the new Android version Android P has revealed is there any updates on new features in it? Who all can upgrade their devices to Android P? Where can one find a beta version of this latest Android OS if there is one?


There are new features in Android 6.0 which include

- A eating app that uses baking soda as aBagging powder to create pistachio ice cream 

- A new notification system that easier enables you to see when your favorite apps and games have been updated 

- Aimirinie, a new female protagonist in the Android world, who is able to ice cream using the new flavor called Pistachio Nutella 

These are the new features of Android 6.0 which are known to those that already have Android devices. If you do not have a Android device, you can be sure that there are other features that are being developed that can be installed in future versions of Android. We can only imagine how other features will be developed if this Android OS is given a final name.

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Right now only users of a phone called Pixel Phone can try the beta version of this new Android system. If you have any other phone you will not be able to try it, at least for the time being.

The main features of this new version are:

notch support

imporved animations

better more clear notification bar

support for multiple cameras


better security features overall

better screen rotation features

better indoor positioning when using gps
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android P adopt iphone X's notch 

the android Pistachio Ice Cream improves the overall power efficiency, better battery life, multiple screen, foldable displays, Android P is expected to accomodate handsets with an iphone x like notch at the top of the display but since that android P is new this 2018, android P name might change at the time of launch same as android O from oatmeal to oreo. 
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This is so many people's favourite ice cream – pale green and fragrant, with lovely bits of frozen pistachio to bite into. Lovely on its own or served with Pistachio Wafers (see below), the ice cream is also delicious with Greek Orange and Honey Syrup Cake (see below).
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The new features in Android Pistachio Ice Cream include:

1. Digital Wellbeing: A suite of tools to help users understand their device usage and manage their time more effectively.

2. New Gesture Navigation: Get around your phone with a single swipe and intuitive gestures.

3. Adaptive Battery: Use AI to learn which apps you use most and prioritize battery for them.

4. App Actions: Predictive app suggestions to help you get things done quickly.

5. Slices: Interact with apps from the Google Search app or Google Assistant.

6. Security Updates: Get important security updates as soon as they’re available.

7. Improved Notifications: Get more control over which notifications you receive and how you interact with them.

Who all can upgrade their devices to Android P?

Most devices that are compatible with the previous version of the Android operating system can upgrade to Android P. However, it is best to check with the device manufacturer to be sure.

Where can one find a beta version of this latest Android OS if there is one?

Google has released the Android P Beta program which allows users to try out the latest version of Android before its official release. The Beta program is available for a limited range of devices and can be found on the Android website.
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There are many new features that have been revealed in the Android OS, some of which include:

- A new ice cream flavor called Pistachio ice cream

- A new camera app called "PistachioCamera"

- A new messaging app called "Pistachio messaging"

- A newuminati dark theme app
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