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All these three domain names are very popular however there is some difference broadly  in nature of customers they have .

1... .com. Stands for commercial and intended for business .

2.   .net stands for network companies.

3.... .org for nonprofit organisation and charities.

so if you want to buy a domain name than first you need to understand the nature of work you are trying to do. Either you want your website for commercial business, networking etc.

There are tons of domain have come in recent years .

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I prefer com for a normal website and for the net you can y=use it for any network type community or a website and the org is used for nonprofit firms so when it comes about choosing domain, you have to see in which category ur business falls.
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.com - is used for the commercial domain names. This includes all business websites, websites that want to make money online, personal websites, blogs, portfolios and almost anything in between.

.net - is the network domain, suitable for the internet, email or networking service providers. 

.org - is used for the organizations. Suitable for the NGOs, other organizations. 

Hope this helps you to select the best according to your requirement.
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 As for me I don't  see any  big difference between those extensions but it depends on why you are choosing a certain  extension. 

People are used of .com domains than the others  domains extensions because they are easy to remember.
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