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i just recently sign up here to earn money but im not sure if this is legit. i just want to know if there is someone eho got their pay?
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Have no fear, answeree is real. I just answered a question asked by a fellow writer who just got paid. But I will advise that let not the money they are paying to be your source of motivation of being here. Knowledge is power, and answeree is a  perfect platform for you to acquire knowledge that you can't get anywhere. You are welcome on board!
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While I have not received any payments yet, my friend that introduced me to this awesome platform got paid within 45 minutes of asking for withdrawals. Actually, I have registered for long and was waiting for her to reach the threshold if withdrawal to be sure it pays. When she chatted me up that they paid, I was happy for her and that motivated me to start mine as well. 
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I haven't gotten my first paycheck yet on answeree but I know a lot of people who already did and it's what spurred me to have faith on the site. 

It's 100% legit. 

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Honestly at this time I can't tell if answeree is legit or not but am working hard to reach their minimum withdrawal limit and see if they can cash our or not. Am also asking myself so many questions such as what is the source of their revenue? How can we be paid by just asking or answering other people's questions? But all in all am working hard to reach $30 which is the minimum withdrawal amount and then find out if it pays or not.
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Answeree is for real,I just got paid, I have uploaded payment proof alresdy in a thread here.So just keep posting you would be paid.  
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I can very well attest to seeing your payment screen shot of $30.

That alone have me absolutely convinced that answeree is real. 
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Answeree is not an earn money site. They started this site as a q&a (question and answer community) site. Earning system has been set up recently. I think this is the first batch of users using this site as an earning place. Many of the users are writing here are occasional writers except five or ten users. It may be for an initial boost up in popularity they made this earning system. They are trying to make a community here as written on about us page. Members can be the moderators after a certain period and so and so. They may have some kind of financial backup to form such a community. I believe this is a legit site as they are developing their site's structure day by day by adding new features. They are responding to queries from members too. Among all these nobodies will invest in with such a dedication to playing a fraud game. Whats the use of it unless a regular posting is not made here after a fraudulent activity. I have joined several sites which pay its users for some actions performing along with their websites. So I can easily identify whether it is a legit site or a fraud one. I strongly believe is legit.
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This is an earning site and I have received my payment from this site. I know the structure of the site has changed and now they are using a paying model and the site is paying you for answering questions on here as long as you do a good job.

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