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Love is the foundation for affection. Love admires,  affection cares,  love connects,  affection builds bonding, affection strengthens love and promotes wonderful relationship. 
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If you can do anything for someone without thinking about the consequences then it's love. If you can take your mind out to think about what to do or not when doing something for someone then it's affection. The heart take over the mind in case of true love and mind remains over heart in case of affection.
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Love is a deeper kind of affection. Affection is a gentle feeling of fondness or liking. If this affection can become stronger in that you feel you cannot do without the other one then it becomes love. 

Love is an undescribable affection. It is a strong pulling. Love is an intense feeling of affection. Love is patient and forgiving.
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Affection is the first step to love. Affection strengths love. Love has no end. But 

affection ends in some point of life. 

We can love the way affectionate People.
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