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Fome a users point of view and the reviews they've left the best phone on the market today is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. However, there are others that will argue with you and they have rated the iPhone X as the number one phone on the market today. I feel that it is best to understand the top phones that people have rated and considered the best on the market today.

  1.  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or the iPhone X.
  2. Huawei P20 Pro - this would actually be 3rd.
  3. Google Pixel 2 XL
  4. Honor 10
  5. OnePlus 6
  6. Sony Xperia XZ2
These are the top 7 phones that people have rated and considered the best on the market today. 
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According to me I like the Techno phone. They are very easy to use and rarely very hard to find one misfunctioning, I personally have a techno phone and it has fallen down several times and even in water but no damage has occurred. I have been with it for four years now but still looks new without any damage.
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I don't think it would be appropriate for us to say one particular brand of phone is the best over others, because we have so many wonderful brand of phones out there in the market. The one you will consider to be the best might not be the one I accept as the best. We have what is called "one man's food is another man's poison" which I believe, it's vastly applicable to every area of our lives.

On personal level, I find so many brand of phones to be the best as long as it meets my desired specifications. Presently, I am using tecno phone, model LA7 also known as tecno pouvour 2. It has an android version of Oreo 8.1 with frontal and back cameras. It frontal camera is fantastic for selfie capturing with crisp clarity.

Furthermore, its battery capacity is long lasting with the possibility of it lasting a whole day. The battery capacity is 5000mAh. In terms of its memory storage, it has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. As for it security features, you can count on its face ID and fingerprint. And for its prize, it's relative cheap compared to other brand of phones with similar features.
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There are so many good mobile smartphone in the world today which can serve the needs of its users very well without any complaints. When it comes to being able to choose or point out the best mobile smartphone, then the individual in question must have used all the mobile smartphone devices that has ever been produced in order to have first class experience in stating unequivocally that a particular mobile smartphone device is the very best in the world today. So, by simply relying on what one read on reviews and the mobile smartphone device specifications is never enough to be used to decide the best mobile smartphone. Perhaps, it's right to say that people are mostly giving their opinions based on the mobile phones that they have used.
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I will give it up for Google pixel 3 XL.Well from my personal observation of the phone is just great in all areas.

It has the the best camera so far and will give photo freaks good times clicking away. The screen is so colorful and as amazing screen call features. A good screen inch height of about 5"5 inch. It comes with a very strong battery it appropriately 2915 mAh and fast charging too

It has a memory of 4GM RAM and the storage space is large for over has a 5.0 Bluetooth and comes in awesome colors like very sparkling white or just pink. It has a special festure of wireless charging and it's weigh 5.0 ounces.

All of these can be gotten as a phone for just $ might be pricey but it worth the buy. Too many lovable features on the phone.
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