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Yamaha YFL-222- about $475

Gemeinhardt 2SP- $383

Lazarro 120-NK- $80

Eastman Student flute model-$700

You can also shop all this models on Ebay 

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You are right here I like your opinion very much its a very useful for everyone thank you forgive your opinion thanks a lot
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यामाहा YFL-222- $ 475 Gemeinhardt के बारे में

2SP- $ 383

लजारो 120-एनके- $ 80

ईस्टमैन छात्र बांसुरी मॉडल - $ 700

आप Ebay पर इन सभी मॉडलों की खरीदारी भी कर सकते हैं

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Thanks for give your opinion it's very useful for a person who didn't know English thanks a lot for give your opinion in Hindi
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There is a number of flute for beginners which can buy.

Eastman student flute.




These fulte can be purchased by beginners.
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