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If you want more followers, follow somebody that is always on Instagram and who have so much followers too. Follow every person so they will follow you back.

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This is very easy all you have to do is link your Instagram account to Facebook then all your Facebook friends who have Instagram will follow you.

Besides, you can find those people who use Instagram in your phone's contact list.You'll have to follow them and they'll in turn give you a follow back.

Finally, there's this site called linkcollider. With linkcollider you get free Instagram followers and likes if you wish.All you have to do is create an account then you'll be guided on how you can collect tokens which you'll be paying the followers.
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To be honest I don't want lots of followers in my Instagram but not to the day I start posting pictures (tv captured photos) of a certain reality show. I am posting pictures about specific person in that show and his fans started to follow me. I continue to do it and I noticed that I get more followers day by day. I started to limit posting about other people and presently, I want my Instagram to be personal again and my followers decreases. 

My tips, if you want to get more followers on Instagram, post a little about trending topics. Also, make friends with some people and comment on their post with quality or just a happy vibe comment. Share your Instagram link to Facebook and make the post publicly. Start sharing quality pictures as well. Find some people with the same interest and start following them. Surely they will follow you back. 
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I'm also still trying to get more people on my Instagram page I see a lot of people getting endorsements as brand influencer from having a lot of people on their Instagram page. I'm doing the following and it working for me.

Follow a lot of people and they will follow back even though not all but some will.

Post very funny videos and pictures on your page.

Stay active and interact with people in the comment section, be nice and polite

Post very interesting things about yourself and if possible make a dance video every now and then

If you have some freebies to give out then you could use this as well no matter how little this will encourage people to follow you.

Staying active is the most important though.
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If you want to get more followers, you need to set your account to public so people can easily view the content of your instagram. But the more important thing is to make your account appealing to people by posting interesting stuff. In my opinion, you cannot really get more followers unless you offer them something they can make use of. I would advise you to focus on what you like most such as general photography, architecture, pets, arts, music, books, etc. Taking decent pictures also plays a huge part. You may try using programs such as Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop to improve the quality of your photos.

In case you just recently created your account, it will be helpful if you first follow all your Facebook friends who already have an Instagram account. Once they follow you, you will then appear as one of the Suggested Persons to other people who are new to this platform.

The next thing you need to do is to stay active. People will easily notice you if you regularly post something. And by posting, I do not mean plain photos. You also need to be creative with the captions. Captions and optional hashtags make a post more appealing to people.

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