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Recently, I started thinking about how secure my home is. I wanted to make sure all of my windows and doors have the most appropriate locks. Also, it's important that they are in good condition, properly fitted and meet your insurance requirements. I have noticed that my front door's lock has been incorrectly fitted and this leaves the lock vulnerable to attack and therefore the property at risk. I called the most reliable Locksmith near you to replace some locks at my house. They offered me a free security survey and provided me with to better ensure my windows were safely locked and protected.

Does anyone have any idea on how to upgrade house security further? What do you think about security cameras?
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Like you already said you should definitively get security camera's.

You should probably get a motion sensor one because then you won't have 6 hours of footage to look at. 

If you really want that extra teeny-tiny bit of security you could also get a guard dog.

A guard dog is a thief his biggest fear. If your dog starts woofing it could alert the neighbors that something fishy might be going on in your house.

Guard dogs are in general pretty nice to their owners, Most of them don't bite and if you make the right choice you might make a extra friend :)

You could also get a alarm if a guard dog is a bit to much or you are allergic to dogs.

It also does the job of alerting your neighbors of any fishy activity.

I hope this helped at least a tiny bit.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Secure all doors with door sensors, secure all windows with motion sensors, keep a bigger alarm while your sensor break, you can use CCTV cameras, digital lock, video door pones, fire sensor and flood sensor.
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Home security should be upgraded as we have to hire the security Guards.We may have the Dog as the Pet.They barks,when thieves come.
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The safety lock is generally guarded which consists of a locking device. So, it can effectively prevent a weapon from being fired. These are used in order to prevent accidents or injuries. Also, it is very important for the workers to be protected by safety net systems or else personal fall arrest systems even if they are not engaged in certain lending-edge work.
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