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I am attracted to tall men because I am short person. I prefer muscle body but I guess my partner is not that type one.
I can still very well remember when I was still in the university, my girlfriend was so much excited about my abs and she forced me to go to gym always to keep it firm. 

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Tall and handsome men.For me I believe that we should consider our bodies before making such decisions. I strongly believe in neutrality. Like if you're brown and short,then you should go for a maybe dark (if possible) and tall guy and the vice versa applies. 

When it comes to love ,we shouldn't consider one's appearance either but its the heart that matters mostly.
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That's true, when it comes to love we will be blinded by these men or women body preferences.
Yes. Love should not come from one's appearance and it should come from heart. Thanks for your answer. 
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Hahaha was this question targeting women in the forum or something?  Anyway this is a good opportunity to find out what women find attractive in men which I know at times is unpredictable unlike men most of them are interested in the same thing. Am going to follow all the answers and find out what they find attractive to them. Keep answering
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I've always been attracted to a man who takes care of himself and doesn't let himself go. He doesn't have to be a bodybuilder or Mr. America, but he also can be extremely fat, overweight, and lazy. I like a man who is physically active and enjoys the outdoors, sports, mountain climbing and bike riding to name a few of the major activities I like to do.

I also like a man with a mustache for some unknown reason. I think it makes them look sexy. Not all men can wear a mustache and I do like them too. But a strong jawbone is a great feature in a man. Another feature, I don't like very much is way too much body hair. I don't know why, but for some reason, this one doesn't appeal to me. A man with a giant beer gut sticking out turns me off and I'm not attracted to them at all. 

But what is the most attractive in a man is his personality. If the man has a fantastic personality, loving, kind, and cares about me then I can overlook the few flaws in his physical appearance.  I normally don't choose a man because of his physical appearance, but I do know that a man can choose a woman because of hers. No man wants to be with a woman that is extremely overweight and lazy. Women feel the same way about a man.
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I know sometimes looks can be deceiving, but again love not always enough. You have said it that men wouldn't want a woman who is lazy and fat, why would i opt for something else? We shouldn't compromise ourselves so much in the name of love. We also deserve and desire to have good things. I wouldn't accept to have a lazy man in my life anyway, that would be injustice for sure.
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It is a bit tricky to pin point because there are different strokes for different folks. What some women find attractive might be a turn off for other women. 

Speaking relatively though. I believe women want men who are good looking the way they conceive beauty to be. A man doesn't need to have 30 pack! Lol. He just needs to take care of himself and look the best version he was made. 
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When I look back on my boyfriends they have all been so physically different although generally I do like a man to have a slim build. Hair or eye colour really isn't important to me but character is. I tend not to be attracted to very overweight men but it doesn't mean I wouldn't like them as a friend.

When it comes to looks I think a man's character can shine through, so even if he isn't physically good looking, if a woman loves his personality she will find him so. Very few of my boyfriends were perfect to look at but they had something that appealed to me and I think that's what it's all about.  

We are all attracted to people of different shapes and sizes and what a good thing that is because very few of us are perfect!
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Women have different taste. Me, i can admire a muscular man but that muscular man to be with me, I don't know. I am fine with  good build, but sometimes it is not about the body anymore. If a muscular man do not have personality and or a good personality to be specific, then I don't find him attractive. I get attract on how his brain works and if he is being practical or logical. I can be attracted to a tall man because I am petite. I always looking for a tall man. I check them out when I see one. The fine build, the medium build, not to muscular is fine. I can tell if the man is taking care of his body so if he takes care of his body then he love himself, he can love me all throughout. I mean, how can you love someone if you do not love yourself? Just a fine build is okay
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This one varies from one woman to another. Some women do not even consider physical appearance to be a major deciding factor for whether or not they want to be in a relationship with some guy.

Personally, I am attracted to a man who knows how to present himself. It doesn't mean that he needs to buy those expensive clothes and shoes, but rather he needs to know how to be presentable in front of other people. He doesn't even need to look confident. For me, looking nice and clean is enough. I do not like men who have this huge muscles. They kind of scare me.

Moreover, I do like men who are independent and those who do the things they are passionate about. There is nothing more attractive than seeing people focus on they things they like to do and be successful with it in their own little ways.
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Honestly, when it comes to the women finding guys attractive, I think it should be those with good physique. But that doesn't mean those that are not physically fit are not admired by the females. It just that they are easily moved by sight, which is a function of their brain.
However, girls like guys who are very slim, charming and sexy with their appearance. And these girls can't just help it when they come across these guys. They are extremely attracted to them in a way that even themselves can't explain.

I actually saw group of girls one certain time in a restaurant and I happened to be at their back. A tall good looking guy with attractive figure walked into the place before my very own eyes, these girls were freaking out by mere just having a glance at him. And on my part, I was really surprised with what was coming out of their mouths about his look.

The truth is, girls naturally gravitate toward guys with attractive physique.
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We all have different taste when it comes to what we look out for in the opposite sex we desire to have anything with. When it comes to what kind of body that most women look out for in the kind of man they want to have anything to do with is most times a man with a muscular body, broad shoulders and talk.
Some women are actually too picky when it comes to the kind of man they desire. Some would say they want their man to be at least from 6 feet tall, muscular with six packs, some would prefer fair or light skin man and others dark skin. Also, there are some women who likes their men huge and somehow intimidating in their looks. In fact, it's almost impossible to comprehend exactly the thoughts of women when it comes to the kind of man's body they love so much.
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Mmhh this question varies with different people. But if i could just generalize i think women would like men who are well built. Let me expound on this. I know thereis no woman who would like a short man in their lives, whether they are short or tall themselves. It just always feels right to have a man who is taller than you standing by your side. You will always feel more secure, at least for me that's the way i feel. We also like muscled men let me speak for myself now, a well built guy who has a proportional body in the sense that, his arms match up with his chest and albs, a bit of muscle and biceps and a six pack that goes hand in hand, then he should be lean not thin, and not fat. That makes a good looking man not perfect but good.
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I think it is obvious that most women like the abs of a man. As a woman,I like to see more my man being fit rather than a big tummy and always sitting on the couch waiting for food to be serve. TO become fit,even after work we have to do some quick exercise so we can feel  better of ourselves. I rarely do exercise because I always make myself busy at home with my kids, but sometimes if I push myself,I do exercise like for about 15 minutes.

I have really notice, too that all over the world, most women attractive to a tall, handsome guy with an abs or a fit man. But of course not all of us has the same body toned and form, we have different muscles buildup and body shape. Some people are lucky to have a good shape without even exercising, some men even when they exercise , it will really took them long to achieve the shape of the body they want to be.

For me,characteristic and attitude of the man is more attractive to me, bonus is his physical appearance.
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Every type of body is attractive to a certain lady. One will fall for a crippled person. Sometimes you may wonder what a certain person saw in their partner.

However in fantasy one expects an athletic body with muscles sticking everywhere. A big hairy chest is also desired. A woman seeks for a protector and that may be the reason.
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I attracted to Tall and homely person. This is the first step. Next their voice and way of their speech attracts me. Smile is also attracts me. 
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The types of body is not more important than the character of the person, body types are more youthful wishes but as a person develops , most ladies come to realize that body shape and type is irrelevant to the lasting of the relationship. 
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It varies from one woman to another. Some prefer athletic or muscular men and others prefer men who have dispositions in life. Since they are more on the emotional aspect, they prefer to be loved and find a man who can be sensitive enough to their needs, physically, emotionally and socially.
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Love conquers all and other physical characteristics are only a bonus. The looks can be deceiving hence we should just look for inner qualities that's what will matter and will even make the relationship grow. 
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women show a stronger attraction toward men with a figure consistent with the ideal hunting physique: strong shoulders, narrow waists, and broad chests and shoulders. Women prefer a man to be toned, but not brawny and bulked out to the max. You want a solid chest. Strong arms signify man’s ability to protect a woman and, inadvertently, his ability to lift her up.
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I am not specific in the body type, you can be thin or very masculine but it depends on you looks and how you dress. I am mainly it the looks, I can get attracted to you even if you are short or tall. 
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