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It is common knowledge that in 1791 the second amendment gave people the right to own and bear firearms. Over the course of time, this amendment has been examined a number of times by the Supreme Court. struck down the case Wrenn vs the District of Columbia. At this time the Supreme Court made the ruling in 2008 that basically struck down the ordinance that allowed people to possess handguns. Over the next few years, there were many cases brought before the District of Columbia and the Supreme Count. In the case, the District of Columbia v Heller ended in a ruling that stated anyone owning a handgun must keep the gun disassembled or bound by a trigger lock. Basically, the ruling was in favor of the Second Amendment that gave the people the right to own a handgun and bear arms for their protection. 

Certain states have now started to implement stronger gun control laws because of the Second Amendment. Each time a case is tried before the Supreme Court they must examine the case on an individual basis. It is their job to determine if:

  • If the gun law poses substantially on the core of the Second Amendment. 
  • They must determine the core of the Second Amendment if a person has the right to own and bear arms for protection or if the person is a responsible citizen. 
  • The examination almost must include the section of the Second Amendment that allows a person to carry a firearm outside their home for protection. 
Basically, the boundaries of the Second Amendment allow people to worn a firearm in their home for protection and self-defense. But there are some fine lines in the Second Amendment that a person must show just cause why they left their home with this weapon. 

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