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I don't think any asker of question have any control on the number of people him/her want to provide answers to the question. The best thing to do in this regard is to try to frame relevant questions that the people can answer effortlessly.

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When I decide to answer a question, I read the question, the details inside, and decide if this is a question I can answer. I also look at the question and decide if it is interesting and one that I want to answer. Here are a few tips to write up a question that might interest people to read and answer it:

  1. First off check the site to see if your question has been asked. I see a lot of duplicate questions on here. For example, there is a new question about which is the best top loading or front loading washing machine, I answer this one already for front loading. This takes up a lot of time to go back and find my answer to answer this again.
  2. For some reason, people love to give advice. Relationship advice seems to be one that people like to give. These types of questions seem to find a lot of people answering them.
  3. Stay away from controversial questions dealing with race, religion, and politics. Nobody wants to get involved in this and answer these types of questions. Plus, I think they are not allowed on here.
  4. Movie discussion is a great question. People love to talk about a movie they just saw and let people know what they thought about it. 
  5. Asking people for help is another great way to get people to answer your questions.
  6. You don't need to pick the best answer right away. Once this is done nobody else can answer your question. This happened after the last update on the site. The question is now closed and people can only read it. Wait until the site asks you to select the best answer. This gives people a chance to find and answer your question.
  7. Some people stop answering certain people's questions because they never say thanks to the person who answered the question. Try hitting the thank button now and then to thank the person for their time.
What I've seen on the site:
  1. Once a question is answered, many people don't want to answer it again.
  2. The new update blocks the question from people answering it if you choose the best answer.
  3. Some people read one answer and are afraid to answer your question again.
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It depends with the population of the forum and the numbers of members that are online. With a forum that has got like 2k members plus,you'll always get your answer quickly.How I wish the admin could introduce referral program so that people can flood here,but there they might end up spamming and destroy the site's good reputation. Despite of this less population you'll always get your answers don't worry.
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The secret to receiving lots of responses to your questions is to choose something that everyone can relate to or at least can be researched. I have noticed since joining Answeree that there are many unanswered questions here mainly because they are just too specialised and it would be difficult to find any information on them even through a search engine.

If you are going to ask a question it should be clear what you are asking and also on a topic that at least a few people will know something about. Some topics can be researched and as long as you type the response in your own words and don't copy it straight from the internet it is perfectly acceptable.
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Be creative, ask a question that attracts too much attention. Your question must be capturing one that will raise debate. Choose a topic that most people are interested in. For instance relationship, marriage, politics and so on. Your question should not be too difficult that requires high level of academic prowess or much research but should be a general application question that involves day to day life.
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Personally for this site I think the best way to get people answering one's questions is posting very interesting topics because I personally look out for one and questions people can readily relate with,no one  want to talk about an abstract thing  because it will be a struggle to come up with a better and creative answer.

Be clear and concise and write in a way anyone that come across it can read and understand to give a shot at the question, showing appreciation to some of the  posters will help boost their morale to always want to answer your question the next time.Lastly don't be in a hurry to choose the best answer, other yet-to- respond posters will feel no need to write on it any longer.

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