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I had sex after my period but it was protected. He didn't ejaculate or anything. I was supposed to have my period on the 7th of this month and I didn't. Could stress have caused me to not have one??
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Possibilities yes you could get pregnant for unprotected sex and maybe might not, it must be your body adjusting or changing cycle.

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Yes sometimes stress causes that but if your periods are irregular then probably they're late. If 7 days pass before you're received the menses, which means it will be this week on Saturday the 14th, you'll definitely be pregnant.

You better talk to your boyfriend about the matter maybe he ejaculated but feared to tell you, you cannot be perfectly sure, he the one who knows the whole truth.
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It is possible that you are pregnant, but it is more likely that you're period is late or won't even come this month if it irregular. You can also take a cheap pregnancy test, and if you are pregnant you can consider aborting if it isn't against your religious beliefs. I would ask your boyfriend if there is anything he didn't tell you, and if you do abort, you can make him pay for the abortion.
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There could be several reasons this has happened:

  1. Normally a woman's period is every 28 days. Some are shorter and some are longer. This will depend on if you are regular or not.
  2. After the last day of your period, it is normally 14 days before your ovulation and you can become pregnant. You'll need to remember how many days after your period that you had sex and make sure it wasn't during this time.
  3. You are saying that it was protected. Did he wear a condom to protect himself? Were you using some type of protective device? If so then this could be a matter of stress or your period just being late. This can happen to many women when they are young and first start their periods.
  4. Stress is another major factor why you could be late. If you were so worried about having sex and not getting pregnant then you could just be late.
  5. If you have never been late before and have always been regular on a 28-day cycle, then you should wait about another week or two and try to take a home pregnancy test. This will tell you for sure if you are pregnant or not.  
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I can't really say if you are pregnant or not. But not seeing your period is not enough to conclude if you are pregnant or not. Though, it is good you detect the date difference early which many ladies ordinarily don't take note of. The protection you made mention of cannot give you 100% prevention of pregnancy, because research have proven that condom is never reliable any more. Because of several failure cases and technical know how of insertion. Also,you mentioned the issue of him not ejaculating. Well,I doubt if you can vividly conclude about that, because the mood ordinarily can make you not reason or detect it.
I'll strongly advice you wait for the next 7 days. If after the 7days and the thing didn't show. Then get 3 PT strip and use each in the morning with rearly morning pee or uurine. If it shows positive, with two desperate lines then you're pregnant. And then go on with medical or laboratory test to be sure.

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