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What all ways are there to make money online as an experienced and skilled photographer?
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You can try shutter shock and follow their trend of images that is on demand in the market, so you have a chance to earn from your photos.
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I have used Shutterstock in the past but it's not as good as most people put it out to be because it's very hard to earn decent money from the site. 
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That is true, even on Foap it's hard to earn, i think only two photo was downloaded from mine that is $0.25 each photo downloaded. they have photo contest too where ypu could win from $100 and up.
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Shutterstock, Foap, and Fiverr are great places to make money off photography. However, Foap takes a while, as most people are on there to sell and not to buy - you'll find it hard to find any sellers. Shutterstock is very popular, and Fiverr has a very large userbase. You can also advertise your skills to people and have them tell you what to photograph.

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Here are a few ways you can earn a living as a photographer online:

  1. The website Fiverr and Tenerr have a way for people to list their skills for sale. You can post a job on one of these sites and offer your service.
  2. Set up your own blog and offer your services to people. This could be as a wedding photographer, travel photographer, or a photographer for special events. Add some of your best images to the site to attract people that would be interested in hiring you.
  3. There are many magazines that advertise for photographers. They are looking to hire a person to take photos for their upcoming editions.
  4. You can do photo shoots for people looking to get into modeling. Make a website and offer models a set of images they can send to a modeling agency.
  5. Today many websites that offer a way for a person to sell their images online. You can easily join one of these sites so that you can upload and sell your images online. Just keep in mind these sites will take a small percentage of your pay for using the site. 
  6. You also have the free photo sharing sites that you can upload and sell your images to people looking for an image to post online. 
  7. To start off with, chose a handful of your images to post on Pixabay. This is a free photo download site. In order to get established, you'll need to give away a little to make money. On this site, you can give away some images that you wouldn't sell. This will give people a chance to meet you, know your work, and maybe hire you for more professional assignments.
These are the most popular ways to sell your images online. But if you are looking to make real money, then stick with your own blog or working for magazines. 
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First, if it is offline, you can advertise yourself as a photographer and invite people for photo shoots and they will, in turn, give you quick cash without much struggle although getting clients is hard and you'll have to struggle.

For online, you can really make good cash since there are lots of opportunities. There's this app called tuetego. It accepts photographs of all kinds especially natural and they should be original.

Once you have the photos you upload them into the system and the more likes you get the more you'll be paid. Besides, there are other sites related to tuetego and I'll refer you to beer money forum, there's a whole list of such opportunities.

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I am going to tell you how you can earn some real money from the photos you have clicked. May be you are not a professional

photographer or you are just doing photography as a hobby or even if you are a professional photographer.

What if I tell you that you can earn some extra money from your photos. Yes, if you are a photographer and you have loads of photo stock stored on your PC. You can sell those photos online and can earn some money.

here is how you can earn money from your photos: How to make money from your photos - Photech Pro

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