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As your anniversary is on this lockdown period you can have a bunch of roses from your own garden and a huge hug to surprise her. Then try any homemade dessert even before she wake up.

Happy anniversary
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Thanks Vilma.your answers ll definitely help me.i will follow it.i am not a good cook but I will try something.
It is really awesome idea. A hug with brunch of roses make her happy. Thanks.
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Maybe you can do the dishes and laundry for her on your anniversary. Cook for her as well, and make sure that its her favorite dish. Have a candle-l dinner. If she's not used to you doing those things then it will surely surprise her. My main point here is to make her feel extra special and loved. 
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Thanks Ana.your advice will really helpful to me.Candle light dinner at home is fantastic idea. It will surprise her. 
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Be there for her. Get her flowers. Give her the biggest hug ever. Tell her she is the best person on the earth.

If there was no lockdown you would have taken her on a cruise and treated her like a queen.

Happy anniversary pals. I feel overwhelmed by such a magnificent love.
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How did your Anniversary go? Did your wife feel very special and loved? Did you cook for her a nice simple meal, and then, cleaned up after? Did you do that? I'm sure you held hands with her every now and then and gave her lots of hugs. Skin-on demonstrations of love and intimacy is life-saving and longevity of life is assured.
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Instead of buying anything from outside, you do something as your own. That will really surprise her. Any delicious food, crafts or your drawing like that.
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It depends on how deep you want to make it special. You can start by planning a simple dinner. The catch is to cook a special meal and set the table according to her liking. Women are not that choosy when it comes to giving an effort to something. That would be a big surprise to them.
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