Some people have large brains while others have a small brain. Children have a slightly small size compared to adults. Men have larger brains than females.

Does the size of the brain matter really? Do they improve ones IQ?


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Brain size tends to vary according to body size. The relationship is not proportional, though: the brain-to-body mass into varies. The largest ratio found is in the shrew. Averaging brain weight across all orders of mammals, it follows a power law, with an exponent of about 0.75.
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So as we have people with big brains we have others with small brains? This may affect how we think

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I don't hink IQ,ore intelligence has anythig to do wih the brain,more less with the size of it.It'has to do more with the spirit,with the soul,with the conscience
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It depends on what body type and shape you have. If you have a giant body then ofcourse your brain size is bigger than the one who doesn't have  giant body. Similarly, the brain size doesn't effect intelligence.
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Well to my understanding I doubt if the size of our brains really Matters reason been that God created us in a unique and wonderful way but it is one creator so you in essence our brain size don't determine our knowledge. 
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