We depend on these technological appliances too much. You will meet more than ten people engrosed in their phones. They are not talking. Others are glued on the computer and TV. Can we do a day without them?
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These days it is really very difficult without these devices. Spending one day without these devices is likely going to be your test about the self control. Obviously it is possible to spend a day without the gadgets  showing your self control, but we are addicted to them. They are good and beneficial but using in bad way causes disadvantages. 

Try out one day without them, introspect yourself, meditate, use the time for yourself by investing time for yourself. You can read a book too. 
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I cannot! I work online and time is money. The little time I do without them is when I sleep or when they run out of power.
Oh working online means you will be surrounding by them most of the time. 

But still out of 24 hour you can give it a try starting with 30 mins a day without the devices. Continue this habit for 21 days and I believe that then it will become a routine for you. Try it out. It will help you and benefit you alot.
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It is very common in our world of today to find out that even a 12 year old has an addiction to a device. I as a person cannot spend a day away from my device. Only if I have another form of entertainment.
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These gadgets have become indispensable in our world today. Immediately upon waking up, I take my smartphone.
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Well, I can't anymore, I now depend on the internet, not because of gaming but of my business.

Technology referring to Smartphones, tablets, TV, PC, Video game consoles, etc.

Though if I did not have my business, I could definitely do without no technology for a day, heck even a week.
But it is hard to do because technology helped me in various ways and it is fun to play a game or watch a video.

Due to the Corona situation, I think everyone can't go without a day with their phones or technology because it becomes boring or due to the situation you can't go anywhere. (without a reason)

If you don't know what do to without technology, think about this: Go hiking, meditate, socialize, learn various things, take a road trip, visit your family, make a schedule, etc.
Or make yourself a better person.

In conclusion: I would say, I think anybody can go a day without any technology, but certain people depend on the internet.

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There are times you meet more than ten people seated somewhere and all are engrossed in one type of gadget or another. Doing business online has increased the use of these gadgets.
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It kind of impossible to me. I do wake up with my phone. My work is on depends on computer. Without Computer and mobile phone my day will not go as normal and useful. 
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I would say yes, I can, in every holiday I try to spend at least 1 weekend without using any device, so I can spend more time with my family. If you are struggling to do this, then try to first do it in a weekend or holiday when you have no work emails, deadlines, meetings that you have to go to. This way it will be easier.
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