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If your computer and phone are attached to the same network router they will each have their own MAC address and IP address. Here is how a router is configured:

  • The main router IP address is
  • This is how your computer will access the configuration of your router. You need to access a router so it can be configured for your internet carrier.
  • On the router, each device has their own IP address according to the router.
  • Computer 1 IP is
  • WiFi Phone 1 IP address
  • Computer 2 IP address
This goes on like this to give each device in your network an IP address so that it can access your router. Each device on a network has to have their own IP address, otherwise, there is a conflict and you'll have an issue.
You'll need your router to access the Internet. This is where your internet carrier will assign a different IP address to your device. These are static IP address and can change from time to time. Depending on your network carrier you could have an IP address of Each device that connects to the internet online will have their own IP address. Your phone will have the same starting numbers of the IP address, but the last number will change. This is how a website can see where you are and from what location you are accessing their site from. If you use one site with your desktop and your phone at the same time the owner of the site will immediately know you are 1 account with multiple devices accessing the site. 
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The computer and the phone has their different ip address it will also help us to determine on how many devices are connected to the internet. It is imposible to have the same ip address on the same internet connection. because in order to connect to the internet the device need to get a unique ip address. When you try to change the ip address into static ip and you modify it to the same other ip address that is already in use to your internet. you are not able to connect to the internet it will be limited connection. 

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