Why do girls like pink colour?

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This is one question that has really disturbed my mind. To be honest, girls look nice in pink. Pink and red actually define ladies. This is because they are somehow connected to blood which is this colour. I think pink and red define them better.
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Most brands are stick to pink is for girls and blue is for boys. It is marketing strategy in order to increase the sales. Pink is feminine and vibrant colour.
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 This because Pink is very unique when compared with other colours . Also the Pink colour looks feminine that is why it influence many girls,young ladies and women to like this colour on their clothes and also their belongings.
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During the primitive era, there is no color preference for primitive people. It happened when civilization influenced the people in which color is best between males and females. The color pink describes the softness of being a woman and blue describes the manly behavior for a man. 
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Yes, this color differentiation for boys and girls only happened in recent times. Before then, no one color coordinated their girls and boys to a specific color. Colors don’t have a gender, anyone can wear pink or blue.
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