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How many methods can we use for marketing online or offline? Any new marketing ideas are welcome.

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- Cheap method, Find area which you would like to have business. Distribute Flyers to all mailboxes and highlighting the services you offer provided information, your contacts. Offering a free coupon or discounts.


- Public places, Malls, Markets or free bulletin space for announcements and advertisements. Make poster reasonably visible and have removable tabs of discount coupons for customers to present. 
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Finding cheap ways for advertising is the first thing every one looks at first. If you are targeting a local area people then you only need a local advertising.

Giving freebies to people with your companies name on it is another idea. Freebies should be a useful thing. Eg: a bag, an umbrella, facial tissues, a bucket, watch, clock etc.

Promoting any event where many people attending is another good idea to make your firm more popular among those crowd. Even the photographs of those events will have your promotonal banners in it.

Good quality service itself is an another best way of marketing. As people find your service or product is good then they will spread the words for your company.
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There are three major generic marketing strategies that are applied to products and services in industries. And to organizations of all size. They were first set out by Michael Porter in 1985 in his book  titled: "competitive advantage: creating and sustaining superior performance". Porter called the generic strategies  "cost leadership" and they include; Differentiation: meaning, creating uniquely desirable products and services.. Next is: Focus; which refers to offering a specialized services in a niche market. And the last. One is cost leadership.

The entire strategies is focussed on maximizing sales and profit. So using the strategies in the new way to attract more sales both online and offline; I will suggest you go into use of websites, social media, blogs, flyers, bill boards, TV and radio advert, commission marketing.

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