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I want to convert my website to an app on android. Then I am planning to show the play store link of the app on my website. How can I do that?
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You can get the help of some companies which provides such services. They can easily convert your website to an android app. You can get the help of the company Impiger technologies which provides such services. If you want they can also develop a web application for you if you need it in the future because they are very good in web app development sevices also.

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There is a company that offers a nice way to convert your website to an app that can work for Android or iOS device. The name of the company is called This is quite expensive to do and the program will handle everything you want. There won't be any need to maintain the app or the coding for the app. You'll just update your website like you do now and the updated information is automatically updated to the app. When a person uses your app they will see the fully updated website. The basic cost of creating an app for your website starts at $790. This is only the basic package and there are many add-ons that you'll need to purchase as well if you want to receive or add push notification for your site. 

If you're not a coder and don't feel like paying an extremely high price for an app coder to do this for you, then this is your best alternative and one of the cheaper ways to accomplish what you want to do. 

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