It seems that the crisis brought by COVID-19 would be over soon. The people will have a new normal life. Why is it called new normal life?
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New normal life

Due to covid 19 we are all in lockdown. We just sit and spend time with our family. We don't go out, no shopping malls, no outside foods, no cinema, no restaurant.

We are just simply living by just buying essential items like groceries, medicines. So this is called new normal life
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New normal life because life is not normal now. We walk with masks and frequently wash our hands. There are lockdowns and fear everywhere. Life is abnormal.

New normal life is normal life but not the old one. There still will be fear. There will be people who will be dead. Children will go back to school and churches will run again. When will normal new life come?
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New normal is stronger, bolder, prepared for whatever may come our way, God-given freedoms has become dearer and more sanctified within us to protect and behold.

We continue to wash our hands, cover our nose and mouth when we sneeze, stay away from people when you're sick--quarantine yourself, wash our hands after every trip to the toilet, work harder as never before, stay away from debts and work hard to be debt-free.

I guess, the new normal means get back to living your life-renewed, refreshed, and cleaner and stay healthier.

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i'm glad that you said bolder cause, in a way, we were aware of this but we needed warning like this just, without losing human lives.
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New normal life is the life in which there is no pain.Everyone should have,whatever they want in their life.This will create a healthy environment.
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The new normal referee to the change of how life would be regarding taking precautions to help reduce the rate of spread of the virus. 
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The new normal life means Covid-19 free life. At present this is the major issue. Without Corona we will lead our life with newly. 
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New normal life means alot of people would return to their business and everything we usually do before covid 19 came to shake the whole world.
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