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To have a enjoyable wedding there should be games or happy event works
- playing fun games.. 

- happy guest nice people (handsome and beautiful guest) 
- beautiful locations not too cold or too hot 
- healthy foods and drinks specially coffee during event
- nice ambience
- beautiful music
- parking spaces available for guest

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It depends with your traditions if you have some.From where i come from,food matters when it comes to reception. You should include all times to foods and they should be delicious and in plenty.

Fancy stuff like seats,flowers and the utensils although it depends with someone's budget.You should include, very cool music and allow people to take pictures. With all these,it will be a worthwhile reception.
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Personally I don't think it matters about the venue or whether you have spent a lot of money on arranging a reception, it is all about the people you invite, having your friends and family around you to see you have one of the happiest days of your life. Obviously it's nice if you can afford somewhere special but many people do not have the money to spend on an elaborate reception.

My wedding reception was very middle of the range but it was a very happy day and something I will always remember. We didn't have a lot of money to spend but I think everyone had a really good time and we have many photographs to remind us of our special day.

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