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How can I quit smoking? I don't want to consume any medication. Any ideas?

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Persistence and willpower are the only way to do this. You must first have a good reason why you want to quit. This is the priority and the number one reason that will make you stick with it. There won't be any other reason or anything a person can say to you to make you stop. You have to be the one who wants this so badly that you are willing to give it up, no matter what cost.

People can tell you to reduce your intake and gradually get off cigarretes altogether. But his won't work at all. You are still smoking each day. There will be withdrawals and craving associated with stopping to smoke. This is something that you will have to have the willpower to fight on your own.

You can take up meditation and condition your mind and body to help you through all of this. If you really want to quit, just throw the pack in the trash and don't touch them again. No matter what people suggest or offer you need to rid your body of the habit-forming nicotine that is there. Until you can do this, you won't be able to quit. Counting days and hours will only make your mind tell your body that you need a cigarette right now and you'll go looking for one. Don't worry about this and just keep telling yourself that you are breathing better, saving money, feel healthier, and you want to be able to run again like you did in high school.

You should take up some sports and exercise on a daily basis to be able to increase the blood flow in your body and you'll see how much easier it is to to the simple things in life once you've stopped.

In the end, this will all be up to you and how much you are willing to stick to this and see it through.  
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Hello. Harmful habits occur when we do not have good self-esteem. If you love yourself, if you want your body (your body is your home), why would you hurt yourself smoking, or doing something else that threatens your health? You have to start from here.

Many people use these bad habits as "pain medicine". Pain is inevitable, choose how to face pain, it is your decision. You decide how to overcome it.

I guess you're aware of the damage you're doing to your body and the people around you (cigarette smoke). So when you want to smoke, you must replace your thoughts in another type of healthier thinking. Example: go for a walk, drink a glass of water, dance, play sports, do something else that diverts your attention so you can make it a healthy habit.
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It depends on how much you're addicted to smoking.There are some people who smoke before doing each activity and they end smoking like several hours in a day.

If you're addiction isn't that severe, you'll surely stop one day but you as well you have to admit that its not easy because its like you're denied your delicious food.

You'll have to find something constructive to do let's say that will replace that time you used to smoke.Taking a walk at times,spending time with family and engaging in activities will make you busy.

Also,try hard staying away from colleagues or people who might lure you and you find yourself smoking again.Actually, you just can't stop it on a single day,like you wake up in the morning and say have stopped smoking. This whole thing is a process.

The best thing you should do is reducing intake.If you were smoking like 5 sticks in a day reduce it to three after sometime 2 and finally you will be smoking 1 stick a day.
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First I have to appreciate you for taking the decision to quit smoking.its very harmful isn't easy to give up..but it's not at all impossible thing ,you can reduce the amount of consuming day by day.

First you need to divert your mind on other things whenever you feel like to smoke.To stay healthy you need to first think of what all things you need to replace in the place smoke, whenever you feel like to smoke just have a mint or natural based bubble gums .

Just think about your health whenever you feel like smoking ,just think about your family..diverting mind is the first option you need to concentrate.addictions aren't easy to quit suddenly but you can do it gradually day by day.

Hopefully you will quit smoking and have a blessed life .

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