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Cats do purring for biological reasons. They feel good about it. And they maintain their blood pressure and also the breathing control that way. And when they are around the person or the animal they like the purring increased till they get to sleep. It's not about happy or upset, they do it because they have designed that way to survive and also feel safe around certain places. 
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They purr when feel happy, when getting comfortable with us and when they enjoy to be caressed by their owner. Cat also purr when they feel I'll like fever, it happen when they tell us that they are sick or when we give them cure or attention for their condition.
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Cats purr in many different situations, I have a kitten she often purs when happy, I massage her fur, when she is overstimulated, wants space always pay close attention to what your pets are needing, their behavior, how they react to certain touches, senses, situations so you can make best living space for them.
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Purring is often are associated with positive social situations; nursing, grooming, relaxing, being friendly. But cats may also purr in stressful situations. Cats also purr to communicate other emotions and needs too.
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Cats purr when angry or in pain. When they are fine they miaow gently but if they do it loudly they mean a different thing.

Understanding pets is a good thing as they can warn you in times of danger. A cat is one animal which can kill snakes so easily. There is a way they make sound when they see danger.
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Yes.Cats Purr according to the situation.If they Purr hard,means they are angry but if they Purr lightly means that they are in the fun mood.
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My cat purr me if it is in angry mood . As you said it depends on the situation. Thanks for your answer.
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Cat's behavior is unpredictable. Most of them create sound because they wanted to eat something. They are like babies when they cry, they need to be feed.
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Yes. They are like babies and their sound is also like a child. Awesome to have a pet. 
@Sathyabose Do you have a pet? I am sorry to say that I lost my cat Shadow early this year. I do not know what happened to him. All I know is that he is just lurking in the neighborhood.
I can add more about it. There are many reasons why cats purr, such as a way of communicating, being clingy when injured, feeling stressed over something, and so on. Sometimes they tend to be like this when being hungry or wanting to play. The best thing is to understand them.
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Cats are among the pets that most people love and keep at home. But for me I do fear cats so much and would not like to keep even a kitten in my home though they are lovely animals. 
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Cats can purr to communicate with you. They purr to show that they are relaxed, they purr to show they are calm, sometimes they purr when they are hungry. Sometimes, it expresses stress, fear or nervousness. 
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Cats purr at you when they are comfortable with you. In most cases, cats will purr when they are in a relaxed environment, sending out waves of calmness. This may also occur when you stroke them, and if this is the case, your feline friend is feeling happy or sociable. However, cats purr to communicate other emotions and needs, too.
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They usually purr when they are mad. I saw my cat used to have a fight with other cats on our roof and I can hear His purr so loud with outstretched fur and tiger look in his eyes. Add up his nails are cracking the roof by His scratches
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Cats  will purr at you to so a sighn of either affection, hunger or even warning. Whe cats feels hungry,they purr in order to alert you as the owner.This is the way some of these little creatures  communicate with human beings.
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cats pur because they are happy and they are content my cat actualy dribles when i pat her it just means they are comfortable and feel loved
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