Samsung and OnePlus are one of the top phone manufactures . And these two phones have pretty much the same features . I would go with S20+ has it seems more premium .

Which would you choose between the two ?
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I've seen S20+ advertised everywhere. They seem wannable (I want it so bad) for the latest update among phones and gadgets.  The question is, "How much should I save up for it to get one? "Can I afford it?"  "Do I need it?" I want one, to be honest.
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Well actually , the price of Samsung galaxy s20+ is a bit higher than the OnePlus 8 pro , but they have similar features and both support 5G . So if you want to save money , go with the OnePlus has there is not much difference in the specifications .
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Lets take a look on the specs of both the smartphones:

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is slimmer which is good and easier to carry in the pocket whereas the oneplus 8 pro is bigger in size which makes it good for reading and big screen.

S20+ is lighter in weight than 8 pro. But oneplus 8 pro has much better camera resolution. It has Quad Camera. 

So if you are interested in photography and want a good phone that clicks good pics then oneplus 8 pro would be good. 

Also one plus 8 pro is having good battery life. 

Both have almost same memory configurations.

Talking about CPU 2.73 GHz in Samsung galaxy S20+ and 2.84 GHz in One Plus 8 Pro.

One plus will support fast charging too.

So the differences are very few, and if we see the cost the samsung is a bit costlier than one plus 8 pro.

Many similarities are there, but camera of one plus is one of the feature that is exception in 8 pro. 

If budget is small, then I would recommend you to go for one plus 8 pro but you are a samsung guy then you can go for galaxy S20+. 

Hope this helps you. 
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Samsung are coming good mobile models with features and market value. I Would like prefer buy to you Samsung S20 ultra with 5G. Hope you will enjoy to it 

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2022 Update 

It would be better to stay away from Oneplus phones from now on , has they have very low build quality and and the software experience  has become very poor will all theit recent phones released this year 
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