The most liked leader by people
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Currently at present situation I would say that the most liked political leader in India is Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India. We have seen how during the crisis time of COVID 19 he is working not only for India but for betterment of whole world and to get out of this pandemic.

If you go in history of India then you might come across many different names of the leaders that are loved like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Lal bahadur Shashtri, Indira Gandhi and many more.
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I agree. Narendra Modi is doing good nowadays. During this covid 19 pandemic his activities towards society and world is appreciable.
Yes exactly the kind of work carried out by him during this pandemic has proven him to be one of the most liked leaders. Hope we too support him in such activities and eradicate this pandemic. 
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My vote goes to Mahatma Ghandhi. He is one Indian who crossed oceans and was liked worldwide. He was the best Indian political leaders. There are others presently but I do not know them 

The best Asian leader is the Philippian president Rudrigo Duterte.
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Ok. What do you think about political leaders today? Do you think they are worth 
They are worthy in their own league. Yet if I were to choose, the old take the day. Modern leaders have their stomach at heart while the old had their subjects at heart.
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Thank you @Sathyabose for asking. I am interested to know. I heard that Prime Minister Modi is a good, trustworthy leader. And I saw in the news that PM Modi has built a worthwhile political and peaceful relationship, on behalf of India, with the President of the United States President Trump?
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Indira: India's Most Powerful Prime Minister. Indira: India's Most Powerful Prime Minister is a 2017 biography by Indian Journalist Sagarika Ghose of Indira Gandhi,a politician and former prime minister of India.
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Parliamentarian for over four decided Vajpayee was elected nine times to the Lok Sabha twice to the rajya Sabha and served as a prime minister of India three times, he was awarded the best parliamentarian in 1994.
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