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I have seen the term taupe color in various color pallettes and websites related to designs and color charts. What is this Taupe and how it's classified as Taupe colors. What are the common application of these kind of colours? Where can I get names and color codes of some most used colors come under Taupe range of colors?

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Wikipedia can not be used as a reference, and is not entirely reliable with its facts, but it is still the place to start for any fact based question. (There is a great deal of confusion in separating facts from opinions.)
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Taupe color refers to any color that ranges between a brown shade to gray shades of a color spectrum with various primary color tints on it. Mostly these colors are used for giving a traditional or classic feel to an object or art. Taupe color charts are also used by antique designers or artists who usually loves old age portraits. You can find some taupe colors with their name and codes on this color chart. https://colourchart.blogspot.com

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