If you are to make a list of questions you want answers you could relate to, what are they? 
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I would like to know how it feels like to be dead. I want to know if it is blissful or painful. I would like to if I will know am dead if I happen to die.

I would like to know if I can see and hear people when am dead. I would like to know where I go once am dead.
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Deep questions. Thank you. I think the living soul departs and leaves our dead body and returns back to God, in time.
I believe so too but it is very confusing really. Also these people we encounter do not make matters easy. They talk about ghosts and haunting.
I know. Mind boggling to the knowing beyond life after death. Anyway, your questions you wanted answered are really deep and worthy of recognition. I think about such questions, too.
Unfortunately I find it hard to get the appropriate answers. To find somebody who died, was raised and had such experience is hard.
I think, as wise and experienced as you are, you will find the answers (or have found one). 
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I would like to answer the following topic based questions. 

1) Relationship based questions

2) Mathematics related

3) Funny questions ( Most likely to answer)

4) Technology
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Thank you, @Sathyabose. There are so many math questions I'd like Answeree to solve for me.Math problems are so mind-boggling.
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Questions,that are relevant to me,that i want to answer is about the life.What is the life?From where,it comes from?Where it goes after the death?These are the Questions,that i want to answer.
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I have so many questions that I need to be answered. Such as follows:

Technology and science 

Spirituality and religion

How to earn online

Food, cooking and international cuisines. 
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