Some people love to do new things in their lives. I am wondering why they do this. Are there any reasons why they like doing new things? What problems can people have when they try new activities for the first time?
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Yes. People do like new things. It's human psychology. Even 2 or 3 years old kid eat new and appetising foods. Because it makes kids happy.

Trying new things make us happy and we can gain some knowledge from it. 
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You have a great point here. I do agree that even toddlers can learn new things by being curious about something. As some experts claimed that if a kid keeps on asking, it means he or she is open to learn new things in this world.
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Psychologically and spiritually, it's exhilarating experience to do something new and fresh. We can make something 'old' a new experience and still love it. 
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For some reason, I do believe that people can gain a better version of themselves when learning new things in their lives. The innate skills can be enhanced if a person will be open to changes in his or her life.
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It's natural for people to try out new things expecially when they are bored of something . Expecially nowadays when everyone is confined inside their homes , they will tend to search for something different and new to do which the haven't done before .
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For some people, I bow my head to them for not closing their doors to new things. Others are simply not into challenges in life. The worst part is to escape from having dilemmas. I agree that people can adjust to changes and learn new things to spice up their lives.
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Familiarity breeds contempt. New things are fun to do. When you do things for the first time it is better as you get new challenges and enjoy solving them.

Anything new is novel. We need to discover how best to do them and that is wonderful.
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Man always fond of knowing untold and unseen. So it's a human nature which is can't be stopped. the success of people must depend on how they think about inventing a new idea. The people who can thing new, they are really run away from the right path.
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People like doing new things because it is adventurous for them.The result of the innovation is always beneficial and it's in the right direction of the growth and development.
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In my opinion people doing things because of the situation and condition. For instance during this pademic most of people have loss their jobs , in order to continue thieir life or they want to still make money they will do a new think, even they dont have any skill before.
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